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About Michael R Stahl, Attorney at Law,LLC

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world, welcoming foreign citizens who want to become American citizens with open arms. Unfortunately, there are several legal hurdles that must be cleared when trying to obtain a visa or legal status. Michael R. Stahl, Attorney at Law, LLC is a law firm in Anchorage, AK, specializing in immigration and citizenship law, as well as criminal defense and family law.


Whether you’re charged with a crime and require legal representation because of your status as an immigrant or you’re afraid of how a divorce could impact your citizenship, this attorney has your best interests at heart. He offers a wide range of legal services to help people just like you get through troubling times, including business law for foreign workers, criminal defense, and various areas of immigration litigation.


Immigration law can be tricky, and if you don’t have an experienced attorney to count on, you can be in for a long process. For over 30 years, Michael R. Stahl, Attorney at Law, has made it a point to obtain the knowledge necessary to help immigrants. For more information, call (907) 248-4950 or visit his office online.


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(1 reviews)

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