When it’s time for your child’s first visit to a cemetery, they may find the experience intimidating or confusing. You should prepare for the visit to your loved one’s headstone and expect plenty of questions along the way. Use this guide to help you confidently address your child’s concerns.

How to Make a Child Feel Comfortable at a Cemetery

1. Discuss Cemeteries

Before the visit, explain that a cemetery is nothing more than a resting place for the deceased. Explain that headstones are used to designate each person so that people know where to visit their family members. You don’t have to be specific about burials and coffins; a basic understanding can be enough to manage their curiosity.

2. Speak Directly to the Deceased

Tell your child that visiting a loved one’s monument provides a way to reconnect with them. Share stories about the late relative, or encourage your child to speak directly to them. Showing them that the deceased is listening can provide a sense of comfort.

3. Plan Future Visits 

HeadstonesHelp your child feel more involved and connected to their departed loved ones by planning future visits. Talk with them about caring for the grave marker, or suggest picking a potted plant for the next visit.

Your child can bring other mementos to leave at the gravesite as well. They can maintain a deeper bond with the deceased if they feel involved.

4. Lighten the Mood

You should expect your child to have questions about cemeteries, death, and loss. Pack a lunch to eat at the gravesite or treat them to a hearty meal after the visit. Create a relaxing atmosphere and help your child feel comfortable about asking questions.

Try to make the visit feel like a normal activity. A trip to the cemetery should be a celebration of a loved one’s life. Normalizing the trip and lightening the mood can help your child come to terms with the loss.


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