Restoring a classic car is always a labor of love, but some vintage rides are easier to bring back to life than others. Readily available parts, a large pool of experts for advice, and other factors will make your auto restoration project quicker, cheaper, and less frustrating. If you’re looking for a project car, each classic automobile below is a fantastic option.

5 Affordable Auto Restoration Projects

1. ‘64-’68 Ford Mustang®

auto restorationFord Mustangs® were some of the most popular cars of the mid-to-late ‘60s, so replacement parts are widely available. Also, companies still manufacture components for ‘60s Mustangs, so you can find brand new parts for this classic vehicle. The popularity of these cars also means you’ll have a wide network of experts to draw on for auto restoration tips and advice.

2. ‘67-’69 Chevrolet Camaro®

Much like Mustangs, late-’60s Camaros® were widely sought-after, and many restoration parts are still in production today. A Camaro is also easy and cheap to modify, which makes it possible to outfit your classic car with some of the technological advantages of modern ones. The price for your initial car purchase might be a little higher, but your overall auto restoration costs will probably be lower than if you’d purchased a more exotic vehicle.

3. ‘68-’70 Chevrolet Nova®

The Chevrolet Nova® might not be as glamorous or famous as many other classics, but it features some gorgeous styling and is easy to customize. Original replacement parts are fairly easy to find, but restorers planning to go the “restomod” rout, meaning restored and modified, can easily purchase affordable upgrade kits from a variety of manufacturers. Some suspension and drive train components on the third gen Nova’s were shared with late 60’s and Early 70’s Camaro’s as well. 

4. ‘64-’65 Ford Falcon®

If muscle cars aren’t really your style and you don’t have a lot of auto restoration experience, a Ford Falcon® might be the ride for you. Under the body, Falcons are essentially identical to Mustangs, with the same excellent availability of parts and other advantages.

5. ‘68-’72 Oldsmobile Cutlass®

Not only do these cars offer stunning looks and low up-front costs, but many of the parts are interchangeable with other GM A-platform® vehicles. This also makes Chevelles®, GTOs®, and Malibus® from the era great choices for a first restoration.

A successful auto restoration project takes commitment, expertise, and the help of skilled professionals who know the car you’re building inside and out. The technicians at Lo-Man Rods LLC in Tipp City, OH, have over 160 years of combined experience, and have the expertise to handle everything from custom part fabrication to full frame-off restorations. Visit their website to see a sample of their projects, follow their Facebook for more automotive tips and advice, or call (937) 679-5140 to discuss your restoration with an expert today.