Whether you're looking at cultivated landscaping or undeveloped land, South Carolina has a wealth of beautiful trees. Some of the most common in the area have become icons of the state, almost as famous as the sabal palm, which is the state tree. Here are some of the most prevalent and well-known species along with some valuable tree care advice.

Facts & Tree Service Tips

1. Loblolly Pine

This is a large evergreen tree that can grow over 100 feet tall with a 3-foot-wide trunk. This is the type of tree most commonly harvested for timber in the southeastern U.S. The loblolly requires almost no care from you, but it is susceptible to several diseases, including root rot, needle rust, and needle cast (all fungal infections), but modern breeding has produced some strains that are more resistant to disease.

2. Mockernut Hickory

Mockernut hickory trees may not produce the best nuts out of the different varieties of hickory, but they're still a beautiful sight in landscaping with high branches that grow well in almost any type of soil. Trimming while they're young will help them grow into the most attractive shapes so they'll need less maintenance when they're older. They have a spread of about 40 feet, so they can be planted closer to buildings than some other trees with a wider spread.

3. Southern Magnolia

landscapingThe magnolia is famous for is large, fragrant, white blossoms, which appear in late spring and stay through the first part of summer. It’s a slow-growing tree that keeps its leaves year-round and attracts birds who eat the fruit. The magnolia is sometimes susceptible to leaf spots and mildew, which usually pose little threat to the tree but can detract from its appearance.

4. White Oak

This tree has a generous spread and can be as wide as it is tall—which is impressive in a tree whose height can reach 100 feet over its 600-year life span. White oaks are the most resistant to disease and insects of any oak variety, and they provide beautiful shade for restful landscaping. They do need careful soil monitoring, however, since they do poorly if the soil gets compacted or isn't acidic enough.


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