Due to the recent spread of the COVID-19 virus, life has become significantly different for families and business owners across the globe. Even those in the medical profession are having to limit the services they provide to keep their patients safe. In Virginia, All Smiles Harrisonburg is doing their part by shifting their business model to adapt to the crisis. To learn how this trusted dentist can continue to keep you and your loved ones healthy, take a look at the overview below.

How All Smiles Harrisonburg Is Adapting to COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus is most likely to be spread through airborne particles, which are released when an infected individual exhales, coughs, or sneezes. That’s why wearing masks and standing six feet apart is crucial to minimizing the spread. However, since dentists operate inside their patient’s mouths, they’re at an increased risk of coming into contact with the virus.

dentistThat’s why All Smiles Harrisonburg has suspended all their non-emergency services, such as checkups and cleanings. However, if there's a dental issue that's causing you pain, you can make an emergency appointment. After evaluating the affected area, the dentist will decide whether you need an emergency procedure or oral surgery, which they can perform at this time.

How the Staff Is Staying Safe

The staff at this dentistry will be committed to all of Virginia's state-mandated guidelines and procedures, including wearing N95 masks while at work. This will prevent the virus from entering the dentist's or hygienist's respiratory system, so they'll stay healthy and avoid spreading the infection to future patients. By remaining open for emergencies, All Smiles Harrisonburg hopes to prevent patients in pain from going to the hospital, where infected patients are being treated and many teams are overwhelmed with work.


If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, reach out to All Smiles Harrisonburg today. They’re proud to offer care for the whole family, from pediatric services to denture fittings. They can also extract wisdom teeth, take biopsies, and install dental implants, and they offer multiple forms of sedation to suit your preferences. To learn more about their services, visit their website. You can also call (540) 432-1300 to schedule your emergency appointment today.