Brick and stone are two of the most popular materials used for hardscaping. Whether you want to pave your entire backyard or build a single firepit, either material will leave you with an exceptional finished product. There are several key differences between the two, though, so here's a guide to each material to help you compare them and choose the material that will work best for your home and yard.



Comprised of clay and shale, bricks are uniform in size and shape, so laying them is a fairly straightforward process. Because bricks aren't as strong or durable as stone, however, they're more suitable for ornamental work, like garden edging. They can also be used to erect small structural features that won't be under much strain, like short walking paths and low retaining walls. Since they're more fire-resistant than stone and absorb less heat, they're also ideal for fire pits. 


Because stone comes from natural quarries, it's irregular in size, shape, and color. In the right contexts, though, these imperfections can help you end up with a more dynamic landscape. Stone is not only stronger than brick, but it's also more water-resistant. This makes it ideal for large-scale building projects, like tall retaining walls, expansive patios, and wide driveways that have to withstand the elements and years of heavy vehicles parking on them. 

Stone can, however, be more challenging to work with since the individual pieces are not uniform. Because of this uneven structure, they require more mortar to hold their place than bricks do, so you might have to pay higher initial installation costs. The finished product can last for generations, though, and shouldn't require much routine maintenance.


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