Your house's roof is constantly exposed to elements like snow, ice, wind, and rain, making occasional repairs an inevitable part of home maintenance. If a roof is severely damaged or very old, a full roof replacement may be necessary. Roof replacement is best left to a professional with the tools, materials, and expertise to get the job done right, but here are a few ways you can help expedite the process by preparing your property in advance.

How to Get Ready for a Roof Replacement

1. Protect Your Indoor Belongings

Roofing can cause vibrations throughout the home, so prepare accordingly. Take any valuable picture frames, artwork, or decorative items off the walls so that they can't fall down. If you have an attic situated under the roof, cover any goods stored there with a tarp or sheet. This will protect against dust and debris that could get shaken loose due to the vibrations.

2. Ensure Clear Access to the Roof

roof replacement

Remove possible impediments that could get in the roofing team's way, such as satellite dishes, antennas, and low-hanging tree branches. Make sure the team can get their machinery and supplies as close to the house as possible by clearing your driveway and removing any clutter from the lawn, like garden furniture or kids' toys.

3. Prepare Kids & Pets

The noise and vibrations caused by roof replacement can be scary for kids and animals. Prepare children in advance by explaining the process so they won't feel as nervous. If you have anxious pets—especially dogs that bark—it may be best to take them to another family member's home or board them at a kennel. Children and pets should be kept indoors so they don't get underfoot during the roofing replacement, ensuring everyone's convenience and safety.

4. Alert Your Neighbors

Roofing can be noisy work due to the power tools that are involved. Give your neighbors a heads-up beforehand so they can prepare accordingly and so you can avoid the risk of complaints during the procedure. Neighbors will likely appreciate it if you provide them with precise dates and a timeframe for the project's duration.


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