Work is hard enough, but it’s even harder when you don’t have the right supplies. That’s why it’s important to keep an accurate inventory log of all office supplies so you can maintain a stock of items sufficient for the needs of your coworkers and employees. Enterprise Office Supply and Furniture, located in Enterprise, AL, provides companies with all the office equipment needed for a productive workforce.

Maintaining a list of necessary day-to-day items can be tricky. You need to order enough supplies to keep your office closet stocked without wasting that month’s budget. While Enterprise Office Supply and Furniture will always help you get the supplies when you need them, here are four tips for taking an office inventory and remaining ahead of the game:

  • office suppliesRecord Your Supplies: When you’re keeping an inventory log, it’s necessary to record the stock you have. You can record by hand if you’d like, but it may make the process faster — not to mention more professional for sending to your boss — if you input the information into a spreadsheet. Bring a laptop into the storage closet with you for quick work.
  • Categorize The Items: Assign categories to different items. This will not only help you organize the log, but it will also make your work later go much faster as you’ll be able to cross off items you’ve ordered from the list.
  • Figure Out When To Reorder:  Study how quickly your company goes through each product. Ink and paper are always quick to go, but if you can understand what gets used up more often, you can stock up so no one goes without.
  • Maintain The Inventory Log Regularly: If you keep track of the office supplies by taking inventory often, you’ll be able to better gauge when new items need to be reordered. Plus, it also helps when tax season rolls around.

Keep a steady stock of office supplies for your business. Enterprise Office Supply and Furniture will help you find any items you need, including office desks, chairs, paper, pens, and more. For more information, call (334) 347-3451 or visit their website today.