Winter weather can create a variety of problems for homeowners. Snowfall and freezing temperatures not only make it challenging to maintain a comfortable living space, but it can make it challenging to keep properties free of damage and safety hazards. Unfortunately, many home insurance claims are filed during this time of year. As such, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to reduce your risk of loss. Here are some of the most common types of winter claims and what you can do to avoid them.

Winter Home Insurance Issues You Could Encounter

1. Slip & Falls 

Wet and icy surfaces greatly increase the chances of someone slipping and falling on your property. This can cause serious injuries that lead to expensive medical bills that you could be held liable for. Be sure to clear your driveway, walkways, and porch after every snowfall and use de-icing salt over icy patches. It’s also a good idea to install exterior lights that help illuminate the path to your front door so visitors can see potential dangers in time to steer clear of them.

2. Fires 

With heating equipment constantly running in winter, the risk of fire is elevated. If they’re not used correctly, fireplaces, space heaters, and chimneys can all turn into fire hazards. Fireplaces and space heaters should never be left unattended, and it’s vital to keep any flammable materials at least three feet away. Be sure to have your chimney cleaned before using it to remove creosote buildup. 

3. Fallen Trees & Branches 

home insurance Licking, MOWinter storms often bring heavy snow and strong winds. These conditions can easily break branches or uproot an entire tree, causing major property damage or bodily injuries. To prevent this, any low-hanging, weak, or dead branches should be trimmed off of the trees on your property, and it’s best to remove trees that show signs of poor health. 

4. Burst Pipes

Freezing temperatures frequently result in burst pipes. This occurs when the water inside a pipe expands and builds up too much pressure. Your home insurance company will cover any water damage you suffer as long as you can show you took proper preventative measures. It’s essential to keep your home warm, and pipes that aren’t located in heated areas should be insulated. 


Despite all the precautions you take, there’s always the possibility an incident could arise due to unpredictable winter conditions. Consult with an agent at Texas County Mutual Insurance to make sure you’re adequately protected. They’ll help review your current home insurance policy and recommend any coverage you may be lacking. For more than a century, the agency has been dedicated to providing Licking, MO, residents with quality products at affordable prices. Call (573) 674-3125 to set up an appointment or visit them online to learn more about their services.