After your baby is born, they’ll grow bigger and bigger every day. For many parents, getting some professional photos taken of their new bundle of joy before that happens is very important. Baby photography is a growing field, and you should find someone who is the best of the best. Here’s a closer look at how to narrow down your choices.

How to Find the Right Baby Photographer

Licenses & Insurance

You need to make sure your photographer is legitimate. They should have public liability insurance in case something unforeseen happens at the shoot. This will protect you, your baby, and the photographer’s equipment. Their business should also be licensed.

Safety First

baby photographyBabies must be handled with care, so your photographer needs to know the correct protocols for keeping your child safe. Make sure they know infant first aid in case of an emergency.

They should either have an associate present to spot the baby to make sure they don’t fall during the shoot or you should be expected to help.

In addition, make sure your photographer has their vaccinations. Since your child is too young to get them, it’s risky for them to be around anyone who’s unvaccinated.

Stylistic Preference

Once you’ve figured out that a potential photographer is reputable and safe, it’s time to look at their portfolio. Baby photography is different than any other type, so make sure they have photos from several different infant shoots on their website.

Consider what you want in a photo. If you’re looking for bright colors, see if this photographer has examples of this. Someone who only shoots in black and white probably isn’t the right choice for you in this case. Decide whether you want photographs like the ones on their website hanging in your home. If that prospect excites you, it looks like you’ve found a great photographer.


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