Seeking justice for medical malpractice can be difficult to navigate. From determining the damages to finding evidence of negligence, there are certain steps you have to take in order to attain the desired outcome. Simplify the process by considering the following answered questions and working with a lawyer who has experience in these types of cases.

Common Questions About About Medical Malpractice

What qualifies a claim for medical malpractice?

An unsatisfactory result from a surgery or a treatment isn’t enough to file for medical malpractice. Outcomes aren’t guaranteed in these procedures, and everyone responds to medication differently. However, when the physician deviates from the industry’s standard of care, such as giving the wrong medication or not taking precautions, there’s a good chance you have a valid case.  

How soon should I file?

medical-malpracticeIf you suspect there’s a reason to file a claim, set up a consultation with a lawyer as soon as possible. Bring any information you can provide, such as medical records and bills. This will make it easier for the lawyer to track down the information they need, saving them a great deal of time.

What damages are available?

There are three types of damages that individuals can claim when filing for medical malpractice. The first is general damages, which covers compensation for any mental or physical pain that has been endured. The second is special damages, which encompasses the added expenses and lost income from time out of work. The third is punitive damages, which are extra payments the physician or medical facility must make as punishment.

What is a certificate of merit?

In Pennsylvania, in any action alleging that a licensed professional (including but not limited to physicians and nurses) deviated from an acceptable professional standard of care, the court requires you to file a certificate of merit within 60 days after filing the initial complaint in court. Certificates of merit must be from an appropriately licensed professional with sufficient education, knowledge, or experience as the target defendant. It can take a significant amount of time to obtain, review medical records, and prepare the certificates of merit, so contact a lawyer as soon as you believe you have a negligence claim. 


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