Construction accidents have a range of causes, from faulty equipment and improper tool use to unsafe work conditions and simple errors. If you were recently injured in an accident of this kind, you're likely within your rights to file a worker’s compensation claim. Here, learn about some of the most common accident types.

What Accidents Typically Occur on Construction Sites?

1. Machinery

Forklifts, backhoes, and other large machinery can inflict severe injuries due to improper operation, visibility problems, and equipment malfunctions. For example, a worker could be struck by a forklift or crane if they're wearing noise-canceling headphones and don't hear the warning call. Similarly, a technician who wasn’t properly trained could accidentally injure another employee when mishandling machinery.

2. Fires & Explosions

The use of flammable chemicals and materials may result in fires and explosions, depending on how they're handled and what they come in contact with. Incorrectly-installed electrical wiring and gas lines also increase the risk of an explosion.

3. Falling Objects & Materials

worker's compensationA wide variety of falling materials and objects can hit construction workers, depending on the location and premise security. For example, tools that aren't adequately secured to scaffolding can hit workers on the ground and cause serious injuries. Building materials and equipment can also fall from different heights and result in worker's compensation claims.

4. Falling From Heights

Cuts, lacerations, and broken bones are among the injuries construction workers sustain when they fall from assorted heights, such as when they're working on roofing systems or within window frames. Falls from ladders and scaffolding can also occur and cause serious, if not fatal, injuries.

5. Trench Collapses

Unfortunately, trenches can collapse while workers are laboring within them, causing them to become trapped. Workers can also sustain severe or fatal injuries from objects hitting them as the trench collapses, such as machinery or tools. Depending on what the trench is for, it can also expose the worker to toxic fumes from damaged gas lines.


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