When you seek medical attention from a professional, you expect them to care for you to the very best of their ability. However, doctors make mistakes, and they can cause harm accidentally. If this happens, you may be able to receive compensation by filing a medical negligence or malpractice claim with the help of an attorney. Below, learn more to help you determine if you have may have a case.

Common Questions About Medical Negligence or Malpractice Claims

What constitutes medical negligence or malpractice?

Medical negligence or malpractice occurs when a doctor or healthcare provider breaches or violates the standard of care. You must prove, through testimony of an expert witness in the same field or medical discipline as the doctor or healthcare provider, that the acts and/or omissions of the doctor or healthcare provider deviated from the normal standard of care.

What are some examples?

medical negligenceMisdiagnosis, failure to diagnose and delayed diagnosis are typical examples of medical negligence. Other examples include performing surgery on the wrong arm or leg; failure to recognize and treat signs of infection; and prescribing the wrong doses of medications.

What kinds of damages can you get?

Victims of medical negligence or malpractice can claim special compensatory damages intended to cover medical expenses incurred due to their injuries. This can include emergency room costs, hospital bills, medication expenses, lost wages, and future earnings losses. Your attorney can also seek general compensatory damages, which are designed to cover factors that don't have specific monetary values, such as pain and suffering or a loss of enjoyment in life.


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