While some occupations have more inherent hazards than others, workplace injuries can be sustained in any field. When an employee gets hurt on the job or experiences a condition related to the nature of their work or workplace environment, they can file a workers’ compensation claim to cover the costs of medical bills and missed wages. Here’s a look into some of the most common injuries that apply.

Injuries Commonly Seen in Workers’ Compensation Cases

1. Motor Vehicle Accidents

Many people operate vehicles as part of their jobs. For instance, service personnel who go to customers’ homes often use company vehicles for transportation. Even if an associate is running an errand or taking a temporary departure from the work routine and is injured, it could be work-related, depending on whether the activities are in furtherance of the employer’s business.

2. Heavy Machinery Incidents

Forklifts and other factory equipment can cause serious injury and even death when misused. Farm machinery and construction equipment, such as excavators, also pose significant risks. Luckily, proper training and safety equipment often minimize the risk of extreme harm.

3. Slips & Falls

workers compensationTripping and falling can happen in any work environment. An employee can even make a workers’ compensation claim if they’re injured in the parking lot. If a third-party company was negligent, such as by not cleaning a spill or repairing a cracked sidewalk, they might even seek further compensation. Naturally, some occupations pose greater risks for more dangerous falls, such as those from significant heights.

4. Overexertion & Repetitive Stress

Overexertion injuries occur when employees push themselves beyond their physical thresholds, typically while lifting or moving objects. Back strains are common examples. Repetitive movements, such as ringing up groceries, typing, brick laying or working on a machine in a factory, can cause injuries over time. Carpal tunnel and tendinitis are common examples.

5. Occupational Diseases 

A disease arising from an exposure at work can be a compensable injury. Lung cancer and mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos, dermatitis from exposure to chemicals; hepatitis from exposure to blood products and carbon monoxide poisoning are common examples. A disease that results from medical treatment for a work injury is compensable, such as an injured worker contracting AIDS from a blood transfusion during surgery for a work injury. You should consult with an attorney if you believe you have suffered an occupational disease.


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