While summer may be an exciting time filled with barbecues, pool parties, and fun in the sun, the season is also known for wreaking havoc on asphalt surfaces. Hot temperatures and intense sun rays will lead to unsightly damage on driveways, parking lots, and roads. Here are the top five issues to watch for when dealing with asphalt in the summer.

Common Summertime Problems for Asphalt

1. Cracking

Heat can make asphalt brittle, which leads to cracks in paving. Over time, minor cracks can turn into deep fissures and require more extensive repairs. Cracking also allows dirt and precipitation to penetrate your driveway or parking lot, which can lead to trouble in the sublayers. Paving companies can patch cracks before they become too troublesome and apply sealcoating to make the surface more resistant to the elements.

2. Potholes

asphaltCracking often leads to potholes, which can range from small holes to wide areas with missing asphalt. Potholes are dangerous for both you and your vehicle, and they can cause injuries and vehicle damage as you traverse them. Because the heat weakens the surface, even parking in the same area repeatedly can lead to depressions that may turn into potholes over time. Avoid parking in the same spot during high heat.

3. Tire Marks

High temperatures that cause softening may leave behind permanent tire impressions on your asphalt. These tracks from vehicles degrade the look of your driveway or lot, and over time those areas may become compromised as traffic continues to move over them.

4. Faded Surface

If there’s sunshine, it means UV rays are also beating down on your asphalt all day. Over time, your smooth black asphalt turns a dull gray as a result of the damage caused by ultraviolet exposure. The longer your paving is left without protection, the more cracks and potholes it will suffer from as the top layer becomes more brittle. A fresh sealcoating will help.

5. Poor Drainage

The sunshine is far from the only source of asphalt problems in summer. Storms are common during this season, and ensuring your asphalt has proper drainage is critical in stopping standing water from seeping into any imperfections in the surface. Have a paving contractor check your drainage and stop saturation from weakening your property.



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