Winter is just around the corner, and it may be colder this year than last year. To prepare for the season, it's crucial to winterize your home. But getting an HVAC system ready for winter isn't as simple as turning of the AC and flipping on the heat, and you may need help from an HVAC contractor to ensure your home stays warm. Here's a brief guide to help you through the winterizing process. 

Why It's Important

Properly preparing your home for winter is crucial. Most importantly, getting ready ahead of time gives your HVAC contractor an opportunity to do a routine checkup and perform any necessary maintenance. This saves you the trouble of being caught in the cold if your heater unexpectedly doesn't start once the weather changes. Winterizing also saves you money because it makes your systems run more efficiently and helps shore up your insulation. When done properly, it also improves the life span of your system, particularly the AC, which is prone to rust and damage during winter. 

What to Do

Clean the System

The first step to maintaining a healthy HVAC system through winter is to thoroughly clean out the individual parts of the system. Between pollen, fallen leaves, dirt, and dust, it's easy for the outdoor components of an HVAC system to accumulate a lot of debris over the course of spring, summer, and fall. Clean any debris off the unit, clear the surrounding area, and spray the unit down with a hose if needed. 

The ducts and vents inside a home also benefit from a yearly cleaning. Left uncleaned, the system can cause air quality and airflow issues. Clean out the grill on the vent, and wipe down the areas around and just inside the opening. 

Cover the Outdoor Unit

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Covering the unit prevents moisture and rust in the case of snowfall. If you're not expecting much snow this year, covering the unit will keep further debris from accumulating throughout the season, and the unit will be clean in spring when it's time to turn the AC back on. 

Change Any Filters

Clogged filters decrease the energy efficiency and heating capabilities of your system. They also increase the risk of allergies and fungal and bacterial sicknesses. The winterizing process is the ideal time to clean or replace these filters. If left saturated and dirty for too long, old filters may also introduce dust and debris to the inside of the system, causing damaging buildup.


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