An insurance policy is a contract in which the carrier agrees to compensate the customer for covered losses or pay for injuries in an accident they cause. Unfortunately, insurance companies are often unfair to injured parties – and even their own insureds. If you’ve been hurt due to someone else’s negligence and their insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith, your attorney may be able to file suit against the carrier for bad faith and punitive damages, in addition to your other losses.

4 Examples of Insurance Bad Faith

1. Misrepresenting Policy Details

Montana law makes it illegal for insurance companies to lie about what’s covered or misrepresent details of the accident. For instance, the claims adjuster may tell you that your accident wasn’t covered by their customer’s policy, or lie about their coverage limits.  This is illegal and ”bad faith.”

2. Failing to Respond to Communications

Sometimes, insurance companies may simply ignore claims, requests for information, and settlement offers, in the hopes that the injured party will simply give up. Insurers most often try this tactic when the injured party isn’t represented by an attorney.

3. Denying Claims Without Explanation

insuranceEvery claim denial should come with a detailed explanation as to why the carrier doesn’t believe they should pay for your damages. Any situation in which a carrier simply denies a claim without a reason may provide grounds for an insurance bad faith suit.

4. Failing to Conduct a Thorough Investigation

Insurance companies have a responsibility to conduct a thorough, fair investigation of every claim before making a decision. The investigation should include an examination of your medical records, a review of the circumstances surrounding your injury, and interviewing witnesses.

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