Air conditioning repairs are essential to maintaining the condition of the system. However, knowing when to call for professional service can be a challenge. Make it easier for yourself by becoming familiar with the top warning signs that indicate that there’s something wrong within one of the components.

5 Warning Signs for Air Conditioning Repairs

1. Warm Temperatures

If the indoor air doesn’t reach a comfortable temperature, you could be experiencing several different issues. Your refrigerant might be low, which could be due to a leak or the fact that it hasn’t been topped off in a while. There may also be a malfunction with the compressor, which controls the refrigerant’s temperature.

2. Low Airflow

air conditioning repairsUncomfortable indoor temperatures could also indicate that it’s time to change the air filters. These materials tend to clog after months of capturing airborne particles and can restrict airflow within the system. If swapping them out doesn’t work, components within the motor could be causing the issue.

3. Constant Cycling

Air conditioners that constantly cycle on and off can quickly cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Malfunctioning sensors could be misreading the temperature and causing the system to run continuously. It could also be that the unit isn’t the right size for the home and can’t produce the optimal temperature.

4. Visible Leaks

Any amount of moisture that appears around the base of the air conditioner should be a cause for concern. One of the interior drains could be broken and unable to direct the water where it needs to go. When left for too long, you might start to see visible signs of mold growth beginning to develop.

5. Indoor Humidity

Air conditioning is meant to produce a comfortable indoor temperature. If it continues to feel slightly sticky, there might be a leak in the ductwork that is preventing the system from doing its job. This could also indicate that the unit is old and can’t handle the workload.


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