Your air conditioner plays a prominent role in keeping you comfortable year-round. To combat elevated temperatures efficiently, your home cooling system requires frequent upkeep and scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance has several distinct advantages.

Why Should I Schedule Regular AC Maintenance?

1. Improve Air Quality

air conditioning maintenanceIndoor air is susceptible to contamination from dust, pet dander, mold spores, and other debris. As the particles accumulate, they can cause serious health symptoms that mimic asthma and hay fever. These symptoms can be especially bothersome to the elderly and people with breathing issues. During maintenance, your technician will make sure the air filter is fresh, and they’ll clean the AC unit coils to promote healthy indoor air that’s free of these pollutants.

2. Boost Energy Efficiency

If you’ve noticed that you’re paying more in utilities than usual, the issue could be due to your air conditioning unit. Whether it’s a worn part or clogged filter, anything that strains the unit will increase your costs. During regular maintenance, technicians will make sure the AC is running smoothly without exerting excessive effort.

3. Protect the Unit’s Life Span

Regular air conditioning maintenance allows your contractor to catch small repairs before they develop into costlier issues. Additionally, maintaining your AC will help it last around 15 to 20 years, and ignoring issues will cut its life span short. Taking basic care of the parts, performing repairs as needed, and ensuring that it’s operating at peak performance are key to protecting the life of the AC.


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