Even with a regular maintenance schedule, your A/C unit is bound to break down someday. When it does, you’ll have decide to repair it or replace it. If you’re not well-acquainted with how your HVAC system works, that choice could be difficult. The guide below discusses the pros and cons of each option to help you reach the right decision.

When Should the A/C Unit Be Repaired?

In general, repairs are most sensible if the unit is relatively new. Since most A/C systems can last 10 to 15 years, repairs are definitely worth it if the unit was installed less than five years ago. After the repair, ask your HVAC contractor how simple maintenance can extend the life span of your A/C unit.

When Is Replacement the Best Option?

AC unitAs a rule of thumb, replacing your unit makes sense if the cost of repairs will exceed 50% of the price of a new A/C unit. At that point, your unit is probably old enough that breakdowns are inevitable, and you could end up wasting a lot of money if you keep repairing it. Additionally, if your unit is frequently breaking down, it may be showing signs of premature wear, which means you need a replacement.

Sometimes, replacing your unit is a good idea even if a breakdown hasn’t happened yet. If your energy bills are rising, you could benefit by upgrading to an energy-efficient unit. Additionally, if you’re purchasing an ENERGY STAR-certified model, you may qualify for tax credits that can offset the cost of a new A/C unit.


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