Hawaiian residences must have A/C units that adequately cool the entire house to stay comfortable year-round. Homeowners should look into the various kinds of appliances to ensure they’re using the right one. Here are three popular units to consider for your house.

A Guide to Different A/C Units

1. Window Units

People who live in apartments or smaller houses may benefit from installing window units. These small systems fit in the window frame to pull hot air out of the space and force cool air inside. Larger spaces require bigger units to improve efficiency, but window systems can easily cool a bedroom or living room to keep you comfortable. 

2. Ductless Mini-split Systems 

A/C UnitRecently, many homeowners are installing ductless mini-split A/C units. These systems feature a condenser or compressor outside that takes in air and runs it through cooling coils before moving it into the home. Then, the indoor handling unit forces the cool air throughout the rooms, dispersing it in different areas. This option is handy for larger spaces, as you can create varied zones with different temperatures. Place a unit on the bedroom wall for comfortable sleeping and add one to the kitchen to cool off the space while you cook.

3. Central A/C

Many older homes are retrofitted with central air conditioning. These setups pull air into the house from an outdoor unit before moving it through evaporator coils. There, the refrigerant absorbs the heat and then the indoor unit circulates the air. Central A/C units do an excellent job of creating a consistent temperature throughout the home.



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