You probably keep your business’s cooling system running year-round. However, the strain of constant use can cause premature wear to components, so professional air conditioning maintenance should be factored into the company budget. A skilled technician will change the air filter during regular appointments, and doing so will benefit your business in many ways.

3 Reasons to Regularly Change a Commercial AC Filter

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Dirt, dust, pollen, and other particles get sucked into the cooling system and cling to the screen. When the filter is covered in grime, pollutants will be forced back out through vents in offices, corridors, and common areas.

air conditioning maintenanceInhaling these allergens can elicit sneezing fits, asthma attacks, and other health problems. Have an air conditioning maintenance technician replace the filter every one to three months to ensure it remains clean and functional.

2. Minimize Repair Costs

When the AC filter is dirty, it’s difficult for air to pass through the handler. Extra effort is needed to push the air, which can cause the fan motor to overheat and break. When the screen can no longer trap particles, the debris ends up on the coils, too. This accumulation forces equipment to work harder, increasing the risk of failure. Changing the filter regularly will reduce system malfunctions and the need for AC repairs or replacement.

3. Lower Utility Bills

When the air handler motor is forced to work harder because the filter is dirty, a breakdown isn’t the only concern. The added effort to circulate air consumes more energy, leading to higher utility bills. By changing the AC filter at least every three months, you can cut down on the company’s energy usage by 15%.


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