Eventually, your AC may not perform at peak optimization. While contractors can fix most of your problems, you can handle some minor annoyances on your own. Here are a few ways you can perform some air conditioning maintenance tasks yourself.

4 Common AC Problems & Their Solutions

1. Loud Noises

An air conditioner should operate quietly, so any noise is a cause for concern. Screeching or squealing often signals a worn belt or motor, which can be amended with some lubrication. A smacking or buzzing sound may indicate that debris is stuck in the blower blades. This can be fixed with a quick inspection and cleanup around the area.

2. Won’t Turn On

air conditioning maintenanceThis issue can be caused by a tripped circuit breaker in your household that needs to be reset. If resetting it doesn’t work, check your thermostat’s batteries and replace them if necessary. If the batteries are in good condition, make sure your temperature preferences are at your desired levels.

3. Dripping Refrigerant

These leaks in the drain lines are often caused by mold or mildew growth. Pass a stiff wire through your channels and clean them with a distilled white vinegar or peroxide solution to get the pipes flowing as good as new. If this air conditioning maintenance task is effective, perform it monthly to prevent future issues. The leak may also come from a rusted drain pan. This component is easy to replace, just make sure the AC is turned off before starting.

4. Uneven Cooling

Blocked ventilation can create inconsistent temperature zones, so keep the unit’s vents unobstructed of furniture, bookshelves, or house plants to avoid fluctuating temperatures. This issue can also be caused by improper insulation around your house. Invest in blackout curtains to block heat and install proper insulation around your door frames and windows to keep your home cool throughout the day.


If troubleshooting your AC doesn’t work, contact the specialists at Cool It Kauai Air Conditioning in Kapaa, HI. These professionals will assess your unit’s condition to determine the cause of the issue. Then, they’ll make any necessary repairs and adjustments to help your cooling system operate at its best. To get more information about their air conditioning maintenance services, connect with them on Facebook or call (808) 315-1888.