Some homeowners only schedule air conditioning maintenance when the system malfunctions. However, regular servicing can lengthen the unit’s life span and benefit the household in many ways. Here are a few reasons why you should have this task done annually, instead of only as needed.

3 Reasons to Schedule Yearly AC Maintenance

1. Lower Utility Bills

Clogged filters and vents, un-oiled motors, dusty blower chambers, and loose mounting bolts restrict airflow. These issues cause the system to overwork itself to circulate the air and reach your desired temperature. The AC will use more energy as a result, raising your monthly utility bills. Schedule routine air conditioning maintenance so that a professional can keep these essential components clean for the air to flow through.

2. Fewer Breakdowns

air conditioning maintenanceAnnual maintenance appointments give technicians a chance to repair minor issues before they worsen into costlier problems. For instance, they can identify and replace a fraying belt before it breaks and shuts down the blower and renders the AC useless. These small, periodic tuneups and adjustments will minimize everyday wear and extend your system’s life span.

3. Better Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air depends on the AC’s cleanliness. For example, dirty coils and a dusty blower will add their contaminants to the air that passes by. These particles will get mixed into the indoor air you breathe when the system circulates them through your home.

Your family may experience uncomfortable reactions to these allergens, such as sneezing, coughing, headaches, and watery eyes. If you get your system serviced regularly, a technician will ensure that irritants and particles don’t accumulate in the ducts and other parts of the AC.


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