Your home’s air conditioning unit keeps the living spaces cool and comfortable. If you live in a tropical location, you likely run this appliance frequently and depend on it year-round. Learn to recognize the signs of a failing unit, so you can replace it before it breaks. Here are a few red flags to keep on your radar.

How to Know If You Need a New AC

1. Strange Sounds

The AC should quietly hum during operation; any other noises should be addressed immediately. Clanking signals the fan blades are unbalanced, and buzzing indicates that a refrigerant leak is freezing the components. These noises and issues won’t go away, and they’ll likely worsen over time if ignored.

2. Frequent Repairs

air conditioning unitFixing your AC is less expensive than replacing it, but only if the repairs solve the issue. If several components are constantly failing, swapping the entire system may be the cheaper option.

3. High Energy Bills

The AC should use the same amount of energy each month if you use it normally. The system isn’t operating efficiently if the bills are getting costlier, but you aren’t running the unit more. This issue often occurs with worn ACs that are 10-years-old or older—they’ll overwork themselves and use more electricity to meet your cooling demands. Fortunately, upgrading to an efficient model can save up to 40% on home cooling costs. 


If you’ve noticed any of these signs, turn to the team at Cool It Kauai Air Conditioning in Kapaa, HI. These professionals carry systems from the industry’s leading brands, and they’ll install your selection quickly so that you can enjoy a comfortable home as soon as possible. All installations come with a 12-year warranty, and they’ll help you maintain the air conditioning unit by performing routine tuneups. Call (808) 315-1888 to schedule an appointment.