If you live in a tropical climate, you likely run the air conditioning unit year-round. Since this appliance is essential to keeping your family comfortable, it can be a significant inconvenience if it starts blowing warm air. If a hot breeze is coming from the vents, here are a few possible culprits.

3 Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

1. Low Refrigerant

The AC uses refrigerant to cool the air before it reaches the indoor spaces, and the fluid needs to be replenished eventually. The air conditioning unit can also be low on coolant if a leak in the line forms from everyday wear. If any of these scenarios occur, the unit won’t be able to chill the air, and you’ll feel a warm breeze coming from the vents instead.

2. Clogged Filter

air conditioning unitWhen the air filter becomes dirty, it’ll prevent the warm air from flowing over the cooling coils. Since the air doesn’t get a chance to chill, the unit will release hot air from the blower and distribute it throughout your room. Changing or cleaning the filter once a month is the best way to avoid this problem.

3. Faulty Condenser

If you have an outdoor condenser, keep it in top condition so that it can draw in warm air, chill it, and send it to the indoor blower. If the unit is malfunctioning, it won’t be able to cool the outdoor air, and it’ll send it straight to the indoor unit for distribution.

Factors that can cause this issue include grime accumulation on the coils or a lack of power from an inadequate circuit breaker. Have the condenser inspected and cleaned annually to prevent these problems.


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