Since your fabric awning is continuously exposed to the elements, it'll need to be cleaned from time to time. In fact, you should hose it down monthly and clean it thoroughly every year for best results. It may not seem like an easy task, but you can ensure your fabric awning is clean and stain-free by following these steps.

How to Clean Your Fabric Awning

1. Clear the Fabric

It may be tempting to start washing the awning right away, but you should first take the time to remove dirt and debris, including leaves, pinecones, and pine needles, with a soft-bristled brush. Otherwise, you may cause the grime to become caked or pushed into the fabric as you clean, making it dirtier than before. Also, check underneath the awning for cobwebs and bees' nests to clear those away.

2. Wash & Rinse Carefully

fabric awningIf the awning is small enough and can easily be removed, you can clean the material in your washing machine. Otherwise, you'll need to wet it down with a pressure washer or hose, gently scrub mild detergent into the fabric with your brush, and rinse it off. Make sure you rinse thoroughly, as any chemical left on the material will likely cause discoloration.

3. Protect the Fabric

After your fabric awning is clean, you'll want to keep it that way. Apply a fabric sealant or waterproofing solution to prevent stains from dirt, dust, and other grime. Also, ensure that nearby gutters are regularly cleaned and maintained, so leaves, pine needles, and dirty water don't spill onto the fabric.


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