Properties in the South encounter many days of sunlight every year, so shade is a precious commodity. This is particularly the case when you get to choose when the shade is available. Homeowners interested in creating comfortable outdoor spaces should consider installing retractable awnings. Here’s a closer look at how you’ll benefit from this investment.

Why Should You Install Adjustable Awnings

1. Creating Shade 

It’s easy to reduce glare from the sun and minimize exposure to ultraviolet rays by installing a retractable awning. These shade systems extend from the roof, providing the perfect place to read or relax with friends.

2. Adding Style

Lake County FL retractable awningsThese canopies add to curb appeal by highlighting windows or patio doors. Install an awning that matches or elegantly contrasts the color of the house exterior.

To find contrasting hues, locate the exterior shade on a color wheel. Draw a line directly across the center of the wheel to see contrasting colors. For example, a yellow house would look great with blue awnings. 

3. Improving Energy Efficiency

Florida homeowners rely on air conditioning to ensure they’re comfortable during the hot months. You can reduce energy use and lower utility bills by installing retractable awnings. These shade canopies cover windows or doors when you want them to, allowing you to decide whether to keep the sun out in the summer and let it in during the winter. By controlling UV ray exposure, you’ll ease the HVAC load and lower its impact on your wallet.

4. Safeguarding the View

Fixed awnings are permanent and always create shade under their canopies. If you don’t want to block the view, opt for retractable awnings. You can enjoy the shade on hot days or retract the canopy in cooler weather and enjoy your surroundings. 


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