During the winter months, your vehicle can experience all sorts of poor effects. This is especially true when it comes to your battery, which can be directly affected by freezing temperatures. While you should always seek a professional opinion from an auto repair specialist when problems arise, here are some points to keep in mind about your battery. 

What Are the Effects of Cold Weather on a Car's Battery?

Cold temperatures not only make you uncomfortable, they can also deplete your battery's charge. This is because the cold degrades the chemical reaction occurring within the battery, which prevents it from holding a full charge. For example, temperatures of 32 degrees can mean a 35% reduction in battery power. As temperatures go lower, your battery's ability will be even further reduced. 

How Do You Know Your Battery Might Be Failing?

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Batteries often fail during the winter months due to frigid temperatures, so drivers should be aware of the signs that a battery is in trouble. You may notice that it's harder to start the vehicle than it would be normally. Dying batteries can also cause clicking noises as you turn on the vehicle. You might also notice dim headlights when idling. In this case, the headlights will become brighter when the engine is engaged. 

How Can You Extend Battery Life During the Winter?

First and foremost, have your battery tested heading into the winter months to determine its condition. If there is damage or the battery is five years older or older, consider replacing it to avoid breakdowns. If you notice corrosion on the battery, carefully clean it to prevent further damage from occurring. Also, be mindful of how you're using your automotive accessories. For instance, leaving the radio on while the vehicle is idling can prevent the alternator from effectively charging the battery, which can then reduce its charge. 


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