There are multiple steps to take to keep your eyes safe, including protecting them from the sun’s strong UV rays and visiting an eye doctor for regular checkups. Injuries are also a major risk, and these often occur during DIY projects. Follow the advice below to help protect your eyes while doing home improvement jobs.

Eye Safety During DIY Projects

1. Use Protective Goggles

Wearing protective goggles is one of the most important steps during a DIY project. Ensure the goggles are made from polycarbonate material to resist impact and scratches, and make sure they fit well so there are no gaps for small objects to get through. Regular glasses do not offer enough protection. 

2. Avoid Flying Debris

Various DIY tasks create flying debris, such as landscaping or sawing wood. As well as wearing protective goggles, try to predict which way debris will fly while cutting something, then stand in the opposite direction. Remove objects, like stones and twigs, from your yard before mowing the lawn.

3. Beware of Chemical Splashes

eye doctorChemicals, like pesticides, paint, bleach, and fertilizers, can cause an injury if they get in your eyes. Always store them in a safe place. Avoid splashes by moving slowly when you’re working with chemicals, carrying them, or pouring them away.

If you do get a substance in your eye, rinse the chemical out, and then call a doctor as soon as you can. Even if the injury doesn’t seem bad, visit an eye doctor as there may be damage you can't see.

4. Know How to Use Your Tools

The tools needed for home improvement projects have sharp edges and parts that could fly off if the equipment is not used correctly. Read the instruction manual so you know how to use your tools, and always carry them carefully. Place them gently when you put them down and never throw them to anyone.


Even if you are careful during DIY projects, there are other risks to your eyes. Regular visits to an eye doctor will ensure you get the necessary treatment for conditions, such as glaucoma, dry eye, and cataracts, as well as finding the right eyeglasses. Eye Care Optical in Montgomery, OH, has served the community for more than 35 years, offering everything from checkups to perfectly prescribed lenses. Call (513) 731-6587 to schedule an appointment or visit them online to learn more.