From chopping veggies to decorating birthday cakes, your kitchen countertops may be the most trafficked workspace in your home. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the right material and thickness to support your efforts. To learn more about which width is best, use the following guide.

The Standard Thicknesses for Kitchen Countertops

3/4 inch

Both quartz and granite can be cut into a thin slab. However, this width is often only used in bathrooms, where less durability is required. Since quartz is stronger, it can be installed at this thickness with lamination alone. Granite must be supported with plywood, and can only withstand 10 pounds per square foot.

1 1/4 inch

countertopThis is the most common thickness for countertops, as it can be installed in longer slabs (thin, long slabs can easily crack). This thickness doesn’t require plywood supports and can hold 15 pounds per square foot. These 3-centimeter slabs may also extend over the cabinets by up to 16 inches, creating a larger workspace without the risk of breakage.

2 Inches

For a more robust look that leaves more space for decorative edges, customers can choose 2-inch thick slabs of granite or quartz. These are even more durable than the 2- and 3-centimeter options, so they can extend further out from the cabinets to create a bar or peninsula. This thickness is also commonly used for kitchen islands.

Other Considerations

The thickness you choose for your countertop will ultimately depend on the material, usage habits, and aesthetic preferences. For example, quartz is denser, so it can be installed in thinner slabs with the same durability as thicker granite slabs for a lower cost.

If you like to cook and exert plenty of pressure on your workspaces—resting heavy casserole pans, chopping up watermelons, or tenderizing meat on them—you’ll want a sturdier surface.

If you’re interested in eye-catching ornamental details, you can even request a built edge, which consists of a thicker piece of granite attached under the outer lip. The finished result can make a 2-inch countertop look 3 inches thick.


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