During a full-scale remodeling project, it can be overwhelming to decide on an appropriate order for the many tasks that lie ahead. Should you paint first, install cabinetry, or lay down new flooring? According to Flooring Specialists—the premier residential flooring team in Honolulu, HI—you should always put off floor installation and refinishing projects until the end.

3 Reasons to Make Residential Flooring Your Project’s Grand Finale

1. Paint Drips

residential flooringPaint is a slave to gravity, and no matter how careful you are with brushes, rollers, and drip cloths, there’s a considerable risk it will end up on your brand-new carpet or refinished hardwood floor. To avoid hours of scrubbing or costly repairs, make the most of your effort and expenses by saving the most rewarding project for last.

2. Shoe Scuffs

After residential flooring work, the last thing you want is for tradesmen and their heavy work boots to trample your gorgeous stone inlay or scuff your new hardwood floor. With countless trips to their truck for materials and tools, how long do you think it will take before they track mud inside and damage your latest investment? The solution is simple—leave carpet installation and floor refinishing for last.

3. Tool Scratches

If a plumber drops a monkey wrench while installing a new fixture, your flooring can easily suffer a scratch. You’ll get the same result if a carpenter drops a box of nails or knocks a jigsaw off the counter. Construction is rife with minor accidents. To minimize the damage, save your residential flooring efforts for last.

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