Tile flooring comes in a variety of beautiful materials, including ceramic, stone, porcelain, vinyl, and linoleum, along with a range of sizes. You might opt for tiles that are anywhere from a couple of inches wide to over a foot long. To choose the right size for your home, use these tips.

How to Select a Floor Tile Size

1. Consider the Size of the Room

Measure the room where you intend to install tile flooring. Use a tape measure to check the width and length, and multiply the two to get a square footage.

In the process, you may encounter obstacles, such as appliances, that will interrupt the flow of tiles. In these cases, you might have to cut down larger tiles or have them half-hidden, so it may be better to use smaller pieces. 

As a general rule of thumb, larger tiles are best for small to medium rooms. They have thinner grout lines, making the floor look more streamlined and larger. 

2. Browse Color & Pattern Options

tile flooringYour color preferences will help guide you to the right size tiles. For example, in a small, dark room, large, white tiles will allow for more reflectivity and an expansive look. Alternatively, if the space is cramped, small, bright tiles will offer more visual interest and openness. In a cozy space like a TV room, opt for large, dark tiles that will absorb light and improve your viewing and lounging experience. 

Patterned tiles can also define a space. If you have an open floor plan, medium to large patterned tiles can divide the space. A vibrant pattern will also draw the eye along the borders.

3. Pick a Tile Shape

When paired with the right size, certain shapes will maximize the benefits of tile flooring in your home. Lay medium to large rectangular tiles across a narrow room to widen the space, or install squares diagonally.

However, if you live in an old home with crooked walls, you may want to avoid square tiles in any size and instead opt for an irregular shape, such as a harlequin pattern, which won't draw attention to the asymmetry. In some cases, small tiles can be laid with large units to create unique designs.


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