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Whether you're planning an expensive remodel of your entire home or a cost-effective new floor to replace the one that's worn out, Flooring Specialists is here to help. As one of Hawaii's oldest flooring contractors, the company has recently expanded its focus and product line to include a variety of different flooring options. Flooring Specialists staffs a team of knowledgeable, experienced industry professionals who can help you find and plan the flooring you need; free floor planning and consulting are available to every customer.

  • Island Quality, Island Service: The Honolulu County motto of Ha'aheo No 'O Honolulu ("Honolulu Pride") is an integral part of Hawaii Flooring Specialists' vision. The team takes great honor in providing you with the best flooring Hawaii has to offer, as well as the best service on the Islands.
  • A Huge Selection Of Flooring Options: No matter what type of floor you seek, Flooring Specialists has the solution. The company's huge inventory includes hardwood flooring, carpeting, linoleum flooring, tiling, and more. One of the skilled team members can walk you through the unique advantages and benefits of each type, and you will soon be enjoying the look, feel, and superior quality of a Flooring Specialists product.
  • Custom Installation That Is Second To None: A crew of Hawaii flooring experts can custom-install your new floor. Whether it's for the home or office, your flooring will be laid with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring years of durability, comfort, and visual appeal. Flooring Specialists also offers floor refinishing and floor sanding for hardwood projects.

Call Flooring Specialists at (808) 842-7755 to schedule your free estimate. For more than 25 years, the company has been the area's floor remodeling expert, and you will reap the benefits of its uniquely Hawaiian perspective. Mahalo!


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"I am thrilled with my new floor and refinishing of my pre-existing floor (Brazilian cherry) for almost our entire house while living at home. Chris (owner/president) is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, super hard working, honest, sincere, straightforward guy. He replies almost immediately to every single question I asked. He was very easy to work with and fast! Job was done on time! The job was overseen by Jason (foreman) and his crew. Their impeccable craftsmanship, work ethic, politeness, positive attitude, attention to details is paralleled only, I believe, by the best Japanese carpenters (I'm from Japan, so I know I'm biased). It was a joy to come home every day to see the beautiful progress they made! By the way, Jason is extremely neat and organized. I secretly took a picture of how he neatly lined up his equipment at the end of the day! Jason and his crew neatly packed all our furniture in one area of the house, and they helped move us as they did the floors in phases. They took off our old baseboards and installed beautiful new ones. Chris knew how to install floor heating under our wood floors--it's a nice thing to have in upper Nuuanu. (I already had heated floors in our bathroom and love it!) Jason disassembled some of our furniture and removed our doors carefully and put them all back together. Our floors are now the highlight of our house. And it's a snap to clean, hygienic, too! It's a no brainer to go Wood with Chris at Flooring Specialists! Strange to say, I will actually miss working with them now that our floors are all done! I wholeheartedly recommend them!"... more
- Yuko Kusaka [Google My Business, May 15, 2021]
"I am thrilled with my new floor and refinishing of my pre-existing floor (Brazilian cherry) for almost our entire house while living at home. Chris..."... more
- Yuko K. [Yelp, May 15, 2021]
"I had the luck to have been referred to Chris and everything about the experience was above my expectations. He worked with my challenging circumstances and can't say enough about his great product, the vinyl plank flooring, his showroom, the crew and timely service. Kudos to Chris!"... more
- Alyssa Moreau [Google My Business, February 4, 2021]