It’s hard to grow a business, but turning your brand into a recognizable, trusted source for goods and services is a recipe for success. Professional Image Inc. in Honolulu, HI, has helped businesses expand their branding and advertising efforts with a variety of printing services, including signs, banners, business cards, forms and stationery for more than three decades. We have the know-how to help your brand succeed.

Here are some tips to help your brand stand out from the competition:

Show off your logo: Your logo is the face of your company. This iconic emblem is what customers will come to recognize first, so you should make sure they see it frequently. We at Professional Image will help you put your logo on custom advertising materials, including posters, banners, removable wallpaper, and signs.

Get memorable business cards: Handing a thin, limp business card to a new client is not only embarrassing, it’s also a bad way to represent your business. We will give your business cards a facelift with full-color designs, thick stock, and seriously impressive finishes to help your business make a lasting impression.

Show up in unexpected places: Branding is all about being seen. You want to build recognition for your company, so make sure customers see it in unexpected places. Our specialty printing services include car magnets, floor advertisements, canvas studio wraps, removable wallpaper, and window decals to take your branding efforts to the next level.

Professional Image Inc. has the right printing services for even the most unconventional branding and advertising needs. To order business cards, signs, or banners, call (808) 524-8585 or visit our website