Ask anyone familiar with construction work and they will tell you: the foundation of every quality construction job requires precise and detailed blueprints. These sketches, designed by engineers, contain the important measurements, materials, and notes that are crucial in the successful completion of any building project. At Professional Image Inc. in Honolulu, HI, we understand it is essential that these documents be clear, legible, and free of any errors. Since 1978, we have specialized in providing the highest-quality blueprints and technical drawings in a variety of sizes and formats.

Whether you have digitally rendered technical drawings or hand-drawn originals, our document support staff can copy or print high-quality renderings of any design. At Professional Image, we have the capability to print ratios from 25-400 percent. We can also electronically scan and save your documents, allowing you to pull them up at the push of a button.

At Professional Image, we offer much more than just high-quality copy and print services. Our experts can also help you experiment with different file types to see what works best for a given project, uploading any larger files to our FTP site. When printing is complete, we will provide same-day blueprint delivery to the contractors. We also have experience working with government sub-contractors as well, for any large-scale projects.

Professional Image Inc. has been serving the Honolulu area for more than three decades and is committed to offering affordable, quality printing services in a timely fashion. We also specialize in printing signs, banners and legal documents, and can offer a variety of branding and advertising solutions for your business. For more information, contact us today at (808) 532-6565, or visit us online