As a truck driver, you want to make sure your vehicle is well-maintained to avoid any unnecessary semi-truck repair costs. While these trucks are more complex than ordinary vehicles, a few simple maintenance tasks can make all the difference. Here is a quick guide to four ways to maintain your semi-truck.

4 Ways to Maintain Your Semi-Truck

1. Brakes 

Not only are they a necessary safety feature, but brakes can also result in costly repairs if problems aren’t addressed. Watch for any vibrations or squealing noises when using the brakes. If you notice any, bring it in for servicing before the semi-truck repair bills start to pile up.  

2. Oil

man checking semi-truckYou want to make sure your oil levels are still adequate, especially before a long trip, after recent work has been done to the engine, or if it’s a new truck. If your oil levels are too low, it may cause damage to the engine, resulting in expensive semi-truck repairs.

3. Radiator

Leaking or overflowing fluid from your radiator can seriously damage the engine, so make sure to regularly check the radiator, especially before any long drives. This not only ensures it is in working order, but it also allows you to learn more about your engine.

4. Tire Pressure

Having a blowout on the highway isn’t ideal, especially when you’re driving a semi-truck. That’s why drivers should regularly check the tire pressure to make sure it is within the tire’s guidelines. Low pressure can make steering hard, while high pressure can put your tires at risk for punctures and damage. Maintaining proper tire pressure helps prepare you for a safe drive.


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