According to a 2010 report from the Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC), tire problems are responsible for more than half of roadside breakdowns in the U.S. But there are several other truck parts that can wear down and cause issues; as such, you should keep your eye on them to avoid encountering big problems on the road. Below are some of the most common components to check. 

What Truck Parts Commonly Break Down? 

1. Brakes

The brakes of a semi-truck, especially one that is very large, wear quickly. This is because they are constantly exposed to heat, pressure, and friction. Regular maintenance is essential to keep them functioning properly. 

2. Electrical System 

Montana truck partsThe starter motor, alternator, and battery and the primary components of a truck’s electrical system. If any of these truck parts are not working properly, your semi will break down. Common signs of electrical system malfunction to look out for include flickering lights, a clicking sound when starting the engine, a dead battery, or corroded battery connections.

3. Clutch

The clutch of a large truck wears much faster than the clutch of a regular car. Providing you’re not in the habit of riding the clutch, it should last for about 20,000 miles. However, keep a close eye on your transmission as your vehicle nears this milestone and have it serviced as soon as you sense it’s wearing out. Common indicators include vibrating or stiff pedals, difficulty getting into gear, or trouble getting the truck into reverse.


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