Driving a semi-truck is hard work, even in decent weather. Once fall and winter hit, falling temperatures and hazardous road conditions can make the job even more difficult. However, a few preparatory steps and the right truck parts can help you stay safe and keep your vehicle on the road throughout the season.

How to Get Your Truck Ready for Cold Weather

1. Inspect Tires

To navigate snowy streets without slipping or getting stranded by the side of the road, you need quality tires. If your tread is worn down or uneven, it may be time to get them replaced, or you might even opt for snow tires if you regularly drive through harsh conditions. You should also check the air pressure to make sure your tires are within the recommended range and inflate them properly if not.

2. Top Off Fluids

truck partsSome of the fluids that your vehicle uses contain a fair amount of water. If those fluids break down significantly and temperatures get low, it could leave them vulnerable to freezing. Prevent issues by checking your fluid levels this fall, flushing out old ones, and refilling them. Do this with everything from antifreeze to brake fluid.

3. Invest in Cold Weather Supplies

You may also need some extra truck parts to stock your vehicle for fall and winter roads. Start by checking the windshield wiper blades and replacing them if they show signs of excessive wear. You may also need to keep ice scrapers, blankets, jumper cables, all-weather floor mats, and road flares in your vehicle in case you experience issues on the road.


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