If you drive a semi-trailer truck for a living, you’ll likely have to navigate snowy and icy roads during the winter. Keeping up with truck repairs and maintenance is crucial when it comes to ensuring your safety throughout the colder season. Read on for a quick guide on what to do to avoid breakdowns, accidents, and collisions.

4 Winter Truck Maintenance Tips

1. Check Tires

Once per month, check your tire pressure and add air according to the recommended PSI in your owner’s manual. Use a gauge to determine tread depth, which should read no deeper than 2/32 of an inch. Proper inflation and tread patterns will help your tires grip the road more securely in snowy and icy conditions. 

2. Pay Attention to Fluids

truck repair Kalispell, MTAdd more coolant when temperatures plummet to prevent the mechanical components of your engine from freezing. Use diesel fuel in lower temperatures, as it performs more reliably. Drain the water separator adjacent to the fuel filter to prevent freezing on unusually cold drives. 

3. Inspect the Battery 

Cold weather often diminishes battery performance, so have a truck repair shop test it before long-distance trips. Promote battery life and prevent stalling by parking your truck on a block heater, especially if you are turning it off overnight. 

4. Schedule Truck Repairs 

Vehicles with known mechanical and body issues have a higher risk of getting into accidents. Schedule an inspection with a local auto shop, and allow them to perform any necessary truck repairs. Doing so will ensure better handling and performance to prevent winter accidents and breakdowns.


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