A career in truck driving can allow you to travel the country will earning a consistent and comfortable salary. However, like any career path, it comes with its fair amount of challenges, especially within the first year. Prepare for long hours on the road and the need for truck repairs by considering the following tips for new truck drivers.

A Guide to Your First Year of Truck Driving

1. Plan Ahead

In your early days as a truck driver, you should spend getting to know your vehicle and the routes you will be taking. Plan the route ahead of time and make a note of rest areas and places where you can have truck repairs completed if needed. Consider monitoring the weather, especially rain, snow, and heavy winds, so that you aren’t caught off guard.

2. Expect the Unexpected

truck repair Kalispell, MTEven when you plan ahead and take safety precautions, there can still be unexpected accidents or complications on your journey. By regularly servicing your truck, you can reduce the chances of a breakdown. However, if they do occur, research and select a trustworthy facility for truck repairs. Alternatively, your company might have a specific protocol that you should follow, such as contacting a company-recommended repair specialist. Regardless, stay calm and alert while you wait for assistance.

3. Stay in Touch With Family & Friends

As a truck driver, you might be on the road for weeks at a time or longer. It’s an essential part of the trucker lifestyle that you and your loved ones will have to come to terms with. Thanks to technology, it’s relatively easy to keep in touch with loved ones. However, you’ll likely be driving across time zones and for large portions of the day. Before you hit the road, make a communication schedule with those people you’ll miss the most so that you can talk at a time that is reasonable for both of you.

4. Show Dedication

Those first years as a truck driver can be difficult, but new beginnings almost always are. As a new truck driver, getting scheduled for drives and proving that you’re a safe and reliable driver is most important. Like any job, once you prove that you’re a quality worker, you can move up in the field and make more money. In the beginning, it’s important to remember that these first years, which might require more budgeting, are necessary for building a fruitful career as a driver.


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