As a truck driver, an overheating engine can sabotage your schedule and lead to serious truck repairs. As the weather warms up, it’s even more important to keep an eye on your engine temperature. You can help prevent overheating issues by following these care tips for your vehicle.

How to Keep Your Engine Cool

1. Check the Coolant

Start by checking your coolant levels and filling the tank when it is low. Keep an eye on the quality of the coolant; if it’s dirty, a diesel engine repair technician can help you flush the old fluid out and put new coolant in.

Truck RepairWatch out for signs of a leak, too. Engine coolant is usually a bright, fluorescent color like yellow, pink, or green, making these leaks easy to identify.

2. Maintain Hoses & Belts

The rubber parts of the engine are prone to wear, stretching, cracking, and broken seals. They're also essential for keeping the engine cool. Coolant and other fluids travel through the hoses, while the belts operate fans and other engine parts. Look under the hood and check every hose and belt for signs of stretching, loosening, or cracking. Have a truck repair technician replace or tighten any that seem damaged.

3. Be Mindful of Your Load

The more weight you're hauling, the harder the engine has to work and the more likely it is to overheat. When you load your truck, pay attention to the total weight as well as the weight distribution. You may have to refuse or split loads that are too heavy for your equipment. The exact weight limitations of your vehicle depend on its individual specifications and history, so get to know your truck and pay attention to when it starts to struggle.


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