Driving a diesel-powered truck has many benefits, including better fuel efficiency, more horsepower, and lower prices for fuel. However, like all vehicles, diesel engines occasionally have problems that require truck repairs. Here are a few to watch for. 

A Guide to Common Diesel Engine Problems 

1. Water Reactions

If the combustion system or any other engine part comes into contact with moisture, it can damage the lubricants and other additives and escalate oil oxidation. As a result, rusting may occur between moving parts, decreasing the engine’s effectiveness and efficiency. 

Moisture can enter the engine’s oil storage when a diesel-powered truck is located in a humid area, so be careful where you park your vehicle for extended periods of time. 

2. Exhaust Smoke

truck repairYour exhaust may emit black smoke and steam if the air-to-fuel ratio is imbalanced. It may have too much fuel and be short on air. The root of the problem is often a broken injector pump, turbocharger, or air filter.

When this occurs, your truck will emit copious amounts of smoke and release bad odors into the cabin. Additionally, you may get a fine for dirtying the air. A truck repair specialist will inspect your vehicle’s parts, making necessary fixes, such as clearing the air filter. 

3. Strange Noises

While diesel engines generally make more noise than their petrol counterparts, watch for distinct knocking and other inconsistent sounds. The compression balance may be off, or the fuel injector could be faulty. These issues can affect truck performance, driving up your fuel bills and slowing the vehicle down. 


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