When you manage a truck fleet, having strict protocols helps ensure driver safety and on-time deliveries. Accidents that require truck repair can be detrimental to your bottom line and client experience. Here are a few general guidelines to follow to improve fleet safety.

How to Prevent Accidents Within Your Truck Fleet

1. Ongoing Driver Training

While commercial certifications and licenses show that drivers know how to operate semi-trucks, ongoing education is needed for optimal safety. 

Create training manuals and programs within your organization. By requiring drivers to complete these steps every few years, you can oversee their progress and ensure their commitment to safety.

2. Written Safety Policies

By creating written and comprehensive safety policies, you help drivers avoid preventable incidents.

For example, ban the use of cellphones while vehicles are on to decrease the risk of distracted driving, and require rest stops every four hours to minimize fatigue. Require drivers to read and sign safety agreements so they understand the rules and dangers of certain practices. 

3. Performance Reviews

Truck RepairOpen communication between drivers and supervisors will help you understand how workers are feeling and performing. However, it can be difficult to find the time to talk to each employee when they are constantly on the road.

Create an annual review system that allows supervisors to score performance based on driving records. With this information, you can create new training programs, schedules, and shift restrictions to decrease liability.

4. Routine Vehicle Maintenance

Regular vehicle upkeep prevents costly breakdowns and sudden steering issues that can increase the risk of accidents.

Create a schedule with your mechanic so you can send vehicles for inspections and truck repairs without affecting your delivery goals. Keep in mind that vehicles may need to be serviced more regularly in the winter, since cold temperatures can affect tire pressure and battery life.


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