When you get into a car accident, your daily routine comes to a stunning halt. However, with a bit of foresight, you don’t have to let this mishap stall things forever. In fact, it pays to learn how your accident will affect your insurance coverage, so you can be prepared for the worst-case financial scenario. Use the following guide to get better acquainted with the aftermath of an auto wreck.

Will a Car Accident Affect My Auto Insurance Coverage?

insurance coverageYou might be pleased to know that, while accidents do often affect insurance coverage, a mishap on the road won’t automatically hike your premiums. In fact, many small accidents like fender benders won’t change your rates at all. However, if you were to blame for a major accident, such as running a red light, your bank account may face the consequences. While the rate of the price hike will vary depending on the accident, you can expect to continue paying it for the next few years—until your insurance company is sure the accident was a freak event and not a habit.

What Factors Will Most Affect the Change in My Insurance Coverage?

As previously mentioned, the severity of the accident will significantly affect the change in your insurance premiums, but there are plenty of other factors taken into consideration. For example, your past driving record. If you have a history of minimal or no accidents, the company may trust that the accident was a random and unfortunate event. However, if you have a history of making poor choices on the road, you will likely see that distrust reflected in your premium. Also, if you were clearly to blame for the accident, the insurance company will take avoidable mistakes into account.


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