If you know someone who is graduating from college, you may be eager to find them the perfect gift to show how much you care. It is easy to overspend on a graduation present, as a few of the most common include high-ticket items like laptops, money, and jewelry. Keep it simple this year by choosing something under $50 and making it heartfelt. 

5 Gift Ideas for Graduates That Won’t Break the Bank

1. Investments

Show your graduate the importance of investing by opening an investment account in their name and buying a share for around $50. This is perfect for finance and business majors, as well as those who are eager to be independent financially.

2. Edible Gift

What college graduate doesn’t like a tasty treat? Make their favorite cookie recipe or buy a small edible fruit arrangement for them to enjoy. Homemade items like mason jar brownies and seasonings are delicious ideas that are relatively inexpensive to put together.

3. Flowers

giftThis is another common idea that can put a smile on their face. Opt for a mixed bouquet of daffodils, tulips, and carnations that you can pick up at a nearby store, or order a flower lei from the local florist. Since graduation tends to happen in the spring, think about curating a collection of flowers from your garden with a cute hand-written card. 

4. Care Package

How well do you know the graduate? If you’d like to get sentimental, put together a care package of their favorite items. This could include personal care items, household supplies, candy, or movies. 

5. An Experience

Encourage the graduate to enjoy life now that their classes are over. Buy them a spa treatment or tickets to the theater to offer relaxation and allow them to enjoy their newfound freedom. Graduating often involves moving into a new place or office space afterwards, send your graduate on a shopping spree with a Treehouse Gift & Home gift card to decorate their new office or place.


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