Jamestown Pediatric Associates

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816 Fairmount Ave, Jamestown, NY 14701

About Jamestown Pediatric Associates

Anyone with children knows that trips to the doctor’s office are inevitable. From bumps and bruises to immunization shots, your child’s pediatrician will be crucial to their development, their health, and how they view medical professionals in the future. Start your children off in the right environment at Jamestown Pediatric Associates in New York. These pediatricians offer a wide range of medical services for children from infancy through adolescence.


No matter how severe or small your child’s medical needs are, you can expect these experts to make your child their priority. Their services include treatments for acute conditions like earaches and chickenpox, as well as care for jaundice, autism, and acne. They even provide newborn care and lactation counseling for new mothers. With such diverse experience and treatments, they’re the most prepared and accessible pediatrician in the area.


Make sure your child receives the medical care they need, no matter how severe the case, by bringing them to Jamestown Pediatric Associates. Give these pediatricians a call today at (716) 664-2589 or visit them online for additional information on their services. You can also connect with them on Facebook.



(2 reviews)