Many people go on vacation because they want to explore a new place or try new activities. But a vacation also gives you the chance to relax and take a break from work, which can be a significant boost to your well-being. If you were undecided about taking a beach trip this summer, or even making a quick weekend getaway, here are three health benefits to encourage you to go for it.

Why Vacationing Is Good for the Health

1. Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease

Going on a vacation can help lower the risk of strokes, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases. In one study covering 12,000 men in a nine-year period, results showed that the more vacations they took, the lower their rate of coronary-related illnesses. It’s the same for women, too—vacationing at least twice a year puts them at a decreased risk for heart diseases.

Other factors impact your heart’s health, such as diet and exercise, but taking a much-needed break from the daily grind gives your body some time to rest and reset. So go ahead and rent a beach house or condo to relax for a few days—you’re doing your heart a favor.

2. Cuts Down on Stress Levels

rent a beach housePeople face numerous stressors in their work environment. Stress can come from your boss, colleagues, clients, and deadlines that can take a toll on your health over time. High stress levels result in a weakened immune system and, sometimes, cardiovascular disease. Take the stress away by going on vacation.

Studies have shown that time off from work reduces a person’s stress while improving their productivity. A relaxing holiday or short trip can sometimes offer a fresh perspective on how to solve problems.

3. Improves Mental Health

Mental health issues like depression and anxiety can be made worse by excessive stress. Fortunately, you can alleviate stress with a short break. When you’re on vacation, you get to sleep better and deeper, allowing your mind and body to recover. Plus, if you remain physically active during your trip, it improves your mood and further reduces stress.


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