Sandblasting and etching both remove material from the surface layer of a granite headstone to create specific letters, images, or design elements. However, each method achieves this goal through different means. Below, learn more about the differences between the sandblasting and etching processes and what shades of granite can best accommodate each.


Sandblasting involves directing a strong stream of sand against the granite, where it abrades the surface and removes the uppermost layers to reveal the unpolished layers beneath. These deeper recesses are made into letters, images, shapes, symbols—anything the customer wants to personalize the memorial.

sandblastingOnce the design is in place, the sandblasting equipment is set aside and a skilled artisan finishes the work by hand. They utilize abrasive air to smooth out the lettering and add tiny details that can't be accomplished with the equipment.

In this way, sandblasting results in a more customized monument crafted with a personal touch. Any color of granite can be sandblasted, though lighter stone shades may require some painting to make the design stand out.


Etching removes the surface layer of granite with laser technology. A template is designed first, then it is sent to the automatic engraving device, where it guides the laser on how to cut the granite surface.

As with sandblasting, etching reveals the unpolished layers underneath and shapes them into exact designs. Darker colors of granite are best suited for etching, as they provide the necessary contrast to bring out the naturally grayish color of the laser-cut layout.


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