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About Lau George K H & Associates Inc

A valid land appraisal is key to streamlining the closing process on the purchase of a home or commercial property. When determining the fair market value of your real estate, turn to the professionals at George K. H. Lau & Associates, Inc. in Honolulu, HI. With more than 20 years of experience, these experts provide objective evaluations along with a comprehensive report.


This trusted team of accredited real estate appraisers takes pride in helping those buying and selling land. Their proven land appraisals are ideal for property tax assessments, estate valuations, and secondary financing. If you’re settling a divorce or probate case, they offer in-depth reports that comply with local regulations. Documents include detailed sketches, delineation of rooms, and disclosure of defects.


If you need a reliable land appraisal, reach out to the property appraisers at George K. H. Lau & Associates. Call them today at (808) 536-8651 to request your free quote or visit them online for more information.



(3 reviews)